Malkum Gibson and Chris Kleeman have been playing the Blues a long, long time. They first met in Yellow Springs Ohio in 1969, and with their mutual love of Piedmont Blues, began touring together in the Ohio and Indiana area.

The pair eventually found their way to New York City and a visit to Bluestime Records there led them to B.B. King. Imagine B.B. King’s surprise when he found a couple of white teenagers from Ohio belting out the old Delta blues. But King was impressed and produced Malkum & Chris’ 1970 debut Just the Blues.

Serendipity and skill had led to an amazing first album, but the twosome eventually spilt up and went their separate ways. When Kleeman was back in Ohio for a family matter in 1998, he and Gibson met up, and their old magic clicked once again.

They toured the U.S. and Ireland for several years. Their 2 subsequent CD’s were met with high praise. They have teamed up again to bring evocative, gritty, down home Blues back to the Blackstairs Blues Festival in 2017