They say the blues is as much an attitude as it is a music. In the acoustic song craft of Pistol Pete Wearn, the raw holler of the blues is given an English inflection, as if RL Burnside has returned to us with the express intention of ripping up the shires.

On Wearn’s new album, Service Station Coffee, the well-travelled troubador documents his rip-roaring live shows – and also further develops his raw style,
armed with an acoustic guitar, a stompbox and occasionally a harmonica, Pistol Pete rips through both witty originals and homage to his blues heritage.

Over the last couple of years Pete has already played a five-day run at the Edinburgh Fringe, toured the length and breadth of both England and Scotland, received BBC Radio 6 Music airplay, and supported the likes of ragtime guitar legend Stefan Grossman, Muddy Water’s eldest son Mud Morganfield, American folk superstars The Stray Birds, respected singer-songwriter Jonathan Byrd, and New Orleans songwriter Andrew Duhon.

Pistol Pete was named Moonshine Magazine Solo Blues Artist Of The Year 2015-2016.